How to drive him/her crazy with your favorite fragrance?

You must have heard about those potions which would make anyone crazy after you. Is there a perfume or cologne out there that can do that magic? Of course there is one! Well, if you want to find out, keep reading….
They say that your natural body scent is the best fragrance that you can wear. Every person in this world has a unique body scent. Well, at times this unique body scent might turn into a unique body odor, which may be a great turn-off! What causes this body odor?

I found it the hard way, after a lot of experimenting with different fragrances, potions, deodorants, lotions and soaps. My father once told me, “Learning from other people’s experiences is the wise thing to do.” Well, I was the other type…. Experience the truth yourself and you will be set free.
I have found my magic potion, have you found one yet?

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